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To learn more about how Slipstream can help extend your station's brand online, contact Kurt Hanson or Rick O'Dell at 312-527-3879.

For general information, client service, and for sales to industries other than local broadcast radio stations, you may also contact...

400 N. Wells, Suite 408  
Chicago, IL 60610  
Kurt Hanson, CEO [email protected]
Paul Maloney, VP/Programming [email protected]
Ralph Sledge , VP/Technology [email protected]
Rick O'Dell, Operations Manager [email protected]
Jon Gauger, MD/Classical & Hip-Hop [email protected]
Lucas Gillan, MD/Jazz [email protected]
Rachel Hinsdale, MD/Reggae & French Pop [email protected]
Michael Schmitt , MD/Indie Rock [email protected]

For sales to local broadcast radio stations. Slipstream Radio is represented by Triton Digital:

New York  
Dominick Milano [email protected]
Los Angeles  
Bill Freund [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

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